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At Autosport, Inc. we mainly work on the classic English sports cars and some pre- ‘77 European sports cars and GT sedans. Having started working on TR-3's, Austin Healey’s, Jaguar’s, and MG’s in the early 60's, I’ve always had a soft spot for these cars. My dedication to all aspects of the business, except sales, led me to road racing, where I had to learn how to modify and make stock pieces work in hostile environments. I then started my business in 1976, which allowed me to collect all sorts of equipment to further my career. This has enabled me to do all kinds of repairs and modifications to the cars I work on.


Specializing in the mechanical side of the restoration and maintenance of vehicles, I have found out over the years that grease and oil don’t mix well with paint and body work. Or upholstery for that matter. So I have a body shop friend who does the body work in his shop so we can separate the two. The different tools and atmospheres becomes very obvious when you are around them. Machine shops always have an oily haze in the air and body shops have a lingering smell of thinners and dust. Automotive machine shops grind almost everything, and tool and die shops cut everything with tool bits. I do a little of both and bringing the two disciplines together. My favorite work is building engines, transmissions and rear ends but can also do the whole car, brakes, electrical, and suspensions. I pride myself in the different types of welding we can do. Having been taught first how to use oxy-acetylene torches, learning the rest of the welding techniques has came fairly easy, which now allows me to do all kinds of repairs, including framework. These days plastic has to be included in the repair. I have a fairly complete machine shop, my   pride and joy being my engine balancing equipment. Being a tool freak doesn’t hurt either and I’m not done collecting tools or machines. Having had employees that did current service work for me, I have complete wheel alignment, balance and tire changing facilities and do all types of safety and accessory add ons.

I service and repair all MG’s, Mini’s, Triumph’s, Austin Healey’s, Jaguar’s (pre '87), Cobra’s, TVR’s, Lotus’, and others on request. Having worked on everything from the 30's thru the 90's, I now limit my talents to 1980 and back. I see very few restored cars that are genuinely as good as the original or better and it amazes me there are people out there claiming to be experts in the field with less than five years total experience.   One of my dreams is to get back into
vintage racing if someone is looking for a crew chief
and or race car builder.



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Summer Line Up 2003
Spring Line Up 2003
1962 MGA Deluxe (Red)
1972 MGB V8
1959 Triumph TR-3a
1955 MG TF 1500
1965 Triumph TR-6
Authorized Moss Dealer

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Servicing-MG, Triumph, Austin Healey, Jaguar, Morgan, Morris, Sunbeam and other pre '80's European cars

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