Tucker J. Madawick, 60 something, married, one daughter. Raised in the New York City area in the 40's and 50's. Barely graduated high school in ‘61 in Spring Valley, NY. Attended one of the first of the newly established Vocational Auto Mechanics classes offered in the local school system. At 18 I worked 2 years in a local Mobil gas station and I got my first break when I was asked to join the Robert Grossman Import Car dealership in West Nyack, NY. This was one of the largest import car dealerships outside of the NYC area. Mr. Grossman was involved in SCCA road racing and had done very well in Jaguars, Alfas and Ferraris. He also had placed at Le Mans no lower than 10 th in 10 years, including the 1960 Corvette team with John Fitch. Yes I got to drive all kinds of very fast, beautiful, exotic cars of the day. This also was my intro into road racing.

I moved back in the fall of ’75, settled in the foot hills of southern Indiana and have been there ever since. The area is very similar to the southern part of New York, with    matching temps and humidity. Also I started my own business as Tucker J. Madawick, Master Mechanic, and had more neat cars to work on. In the spring of ‘77 I opened Autosport with a

a minimum of equipment and funds, but a lot of

Tucker at Engine Balancer 2004

In the 60's I worked at various shops in the area, racing on the weekends, and trying to pay attention during the week. The most interesting and most gratifying shop I worked at was Kinematics in Monsey, NY. The owner was Ernest P. Cassis, now retired. He and I hit it off

immediately and worked together on many super projects for 5 or 6 years.

We built many Formula Vee engines for Autodynamics, Zeitler and a host of other manufactures and well known drivers. Ernie also taught me the art of engine balancing and its direct relationship to engines and then the whole car. After Mr. Cassis retired in the mid 90’s, I was fortunate to purchase his balancing business, which I still use. Thanks Ernie.  

Tucker & Erika Summer 2003

over the southwest. Again I worked on some of the most beautiful and fast race cars of the time, but the area was just too hot for this east coast home boy, so I came back to Indiana.

Tucker welding TR-6 Frame

tenacity and am still at the same location.   In the late ‘70s with the help of a local businessman I got into IMSA racing. There I met the late Lee Mueller, one of America’s premier road racers, and worked with him on various    Porsche, Mazda, and Toyota teams. In 1981 we won the IMSA GTU championship in a factory backed Mazda RX-7 with the Dave Kent team. It definitely was the highlight of my career. I met many very talented people from all over the country and still correspond with some.

I’ve had some wonderful and talented employees over the years and am proud to say that some of them have gone on to bigger and better things. I feel lucky that I’m in touch with some of them even today and still love to teach and practice my discipline.  

I’m now supposed to be retired at the age of collecting full social security, but feel that I have many more productive years ahead of me. Stay tuned.

Tucker - Master Mechanic

Servicing & Repairing MG, Triumph, Austin Healey, Jaguar, Morgan, Morris, Sunbeam, Alfa Romeo  and other pre '80's European cars

Keeping British Cars alive in the Midwest 
Erika A. Madawick
Autosport, Inc. 2020

Authorized Moss Dealer

The '70s was another big change moving to Indiana. I wanted to spend some time getting to know my father. We opened the original Autosport, Autosport International, and had it for about a year ending up in a classical father/ son dispute. I'm happy to say today we are good friends. Then on to Oklahoma to work for Toly Arutunoff running his racing team, which consisted of a Morgan, Lotus Europa, Brabham BT-38, and traveling