Here's a look at the Old Shop.  Autosport was here for almost 30 years before we moved!

Shop Front Doors
Parts Counter
Tucker's Toolboxes
Erika's Office Window
Autosport, Inc. Lobby Floor
Parts Counter Window

Main Office Window

Tuckers Tool Box
Engine Balancer
Machine Shop-Engine Balancer
Machine Shop- Lathe
Machine Shop- Lathe
Main Shop Floor
Main Shop Floor

 Lobby Floor

Authorized Moss Dealer

 Site Counter  7/29/04

Servicing-MG, Triumph, Austin Healey, Jaguar, Morgan, Morris, Sunbeam and other pre '80's European cars

Erika A. Madawick
Autosport, Inc. 2020

The photos below are from when we moved 
into the new shop, Summer of 2006.

Here are a couple of pictures of our shop floor, parts department, machine shop, and of course the shop kitty guarding our front door!